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Enhance your cleaning capabilities with the BE Whirl-a-Way attachment, available for rent with our 4000psi pressure washer at Robertson Rentals. This tool is your solution for large-scale, flat surface cleaning projects like concrete patios, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. The Whirl-a-Way's three rapidly spinning jets deliver a streak-free clean, significantly reducing the time and effort required for your projects.


Designed with user convenience in mind, it features ergonomic twin handles and a built-in trigger for easy operation. Its four swivel casters allow for smooth maneuvering, ensuring an efficient and consistent clean. Plus, with a bristle skirt to keep debris and overspray contained, your work area remains clean.


At Robertson Rentals, we believe in providing equipment that makes your job easier and more efficient. Rent the BE Whirl-a-Way attachment today and experience the difference it makes in your cleaning tasks.

Whirl-a-Way Surface Cleaner

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